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Qingdao Weida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a professional specialized in welding roller frame, power distribution automation, automatic welding manipulator and tower group pairing equipment, wind tower group pairing production line special welding equipment, High-tech enterprise; an enterprise that has passed the certification of China's private technology sector and welding equipment industry. The company always adheres to the principle of "technology, industry, management", and takes "advanced techn...



Vectra roller frame industry leading brand, years precipitation technology, advanced manufacturing technology
Pro生产 Tec技术 Ins安装 Plan方案 Use使用 Price价格 Pay付款 Tra运输 Aft售后
Please refer back to not use?

We implementOne to one video or technical training for the real machine,The first domestic free remote debugging, training service 24 hours a day.

How to choose a suitable roller frame model?

According to the different use models adopted by the also have very big difference?We implement technical training for one real machine, according to the different environment and models for free training services

Buy wheel rack not practical?

We are committed to each machine has a detailed machine specificationThan the commonly used machine performance increases more than 30%, welcome the masses of customers to apply for a free trial,Try the phone 0532-85239588

Plan方案 Every customer every different environment and USES have different solutions?

Our company has aYears of experience in industry solutions and custom design experience,Professional and technical personnel to help you with the most professional advice and provide design solution.

use使用 Problems in the process of use?

We solemnly promise: the gen produced roller frame,The best level in technology in the industry, the excessive mechanical direct supply!

Price价格 Worried about buy a machine to buy expensive equipment is much cheaper than you?

We are a factory's experience in mechanical manufacturing industry, BMSC priced direct sales business model. Suggest the customers to carry on the investigation and comparison of two or three companies, shop around.

Payment付款 What kind of way to trade?

Can you cash on delivery? Worried didn't the arrival of the goods?I company for the inconvenience the door of the customer, offer to pay 30% deposit first, then cod anonymous sales (or logistics for collection).

Transport运输 How to put the equipment transport back to the road broke who is in charge of?

There are three kinds of mode of transportation:1. The customer pick up the goods, 2. Back to the car distribution, three logistics shippingIf the logistics transport damaged by the manufacturer shall be the responsibility of the manufacturers and logistics companies.

Aftermarket售后 After long way how to solve, manufacturer is not responsible for after-sales service?

We solemnly promise:One year warranty, life-long maintenance, warranty (core) accessories for free

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